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As it relates to blockchain technology, a hard fork (or sometimes hardfork) is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid.

All-Time High, $8.19 -96.9% Jan 03, 2018 (over 2 years). All-Time Low, $0.071990 247.6% Mar 11, 2017 (about 3 years). Steem/Bitcoin Ratio, 1 BTC = 37943.5.

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Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork (BTG) - What You Need To KnowWhat is a Halving? It's when the mining reward is cut in half. BTG, a variant of Bitcoin made to be mined on GPUs, continues the same halving schedule as.

21 Oct 2017.

We're getting close to the Bitcoin hard fork and a resulting split of the network. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) plans to split off the Bitcoin network at block.

It's pretty easy to understand why the recent BitcoinGold (BTG) fork was met with many a collective eyeroll by the.

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