Cryptocurrency Plugins On Bitbar

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Install BitBar, and run it. Choose a Plugin Directory (needs to be empty). Then download this repo, copy all the contents (except the to the Plugin Directory. Fire terminal, navigate to the plugin directory and run chmod +x

Argos monitors the ~/.config/argos/ folder for new scripts. Any executable script placed in this folder is considered a plugin, and its output is displayed on the Gnome Shell panel (top bar) as soon as it’s placed in this folder. Names starting with a dot (.) are ignored.

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BitBar is an open-source menu bar app with a rich library of plug-ins that are easy to adapt to your needs. Don’t see what.

How To Accept Bitcoins On WordPress?19/02/2020  · Just drop the plugin into your BitBar plugins folder (if you have the repo, why not use the Enabled folder?) Make sure it’s executable (in Terminal, do chmod +x Then choose Refresh all from the BitBar menus

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