Bitcoin Core 0.12.0

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If you want to downgrade after you have done a reindex with 0.12.0 or later, you will need to reindex when you first start Bitcoin Core version 0.11 or earlier.

29 Nov 2019.

However, even after Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 was released in February 2016, a small gradual improvement in performance is still visible after each.

Bitcoin Fullnode Stage III Part I | Bitcoin Core 0.12 Official Releaseexonum-btc-anchoring. 0.12.0. Homepage · Documentation · Repository · Dependent crates. Cargo.toml. exonum-btc-anchoring = "0.12.0".

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2020-06-03. Bitcoin Core version 0.20.0 released.

Bitcoin Core version released. Read more. 2019-08-09. Bitcoin Core version 0.18.1 released.