American Investors Plan To “hodl” Bitcoin Until Price Hits $196

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7 Dec 2018.

I'll elaborate in two ways—first, why people buy after the price goes up, and second, why people are not buying cryptocurrency right now (February 2019).

19 Aug 2011.

The price would peak shortly before the Christmas of the same.

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Mike Brown, Bitcoin's Present (And Future) Role in the American.

but are largely overshadowed by cryptocurrencies' own term HODL.

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17 Nov 2017.

When would an average investor completely exit Bitcoin? A new survey among Americans indicates a price of $196K.

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Vault8 Bitcoin Price $5100 USD, (to obtain by converting other cryptocurrency or hard.

The term “hodl”9 captures some of the evangelical fervor of bitcoin's.

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Id. at 9 (reporting an aggregate loss of trust in the U.S. at 37%). 60. Id.

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